Native Fable

Dire Wolf Tail - Large


Our Dire Wolf Tail is a perfect match to our beloved Dire Wolf Bonnet with gorgeous brown and grey tones throughout - a favorite for Fall and dressing up as a big bad wolf! Featuring a black tip, fluffy form and stuffing, your little one will be so excited to run around with their new tail on! Our Dire Wolf Tail is wired on the inside making it posable, and the wire has protection on either end to prevent any poking or discomfort. They are also stuffed for extra fluffiness!

The child size tail is approximately 25" in length uncurled 

Our child size is intended for 2-5 years old and features an elastic waist band that is 20" un-stretched. Unlike our larger sizes of bonnets, this tail is not one size fits all. If your child is far above the waist measurement for this tail, please refer to the baby size {which is actually still adorable on all ages} which has a CLIP rather than a waist band, making it much more "one size fits all."


****UPDATE**** We have added an additional YOUTH option per your request! While the tail is the same size, the YOUTH has a larger waistband that is 23" un-stretched. This is intended for 5+ years but always measure your child first!

Native fable is not responsible for lost or stolen packages.  We highly recommend purchasing Route + protection at checkout to cover your purchases in case of issues with your package in route to its destination.


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