Native Fable

Bunny in Taupe - Spring '23


We are so excited to share our 2023 bunnies! We designed two perfectly neutral bunnies, with rich textures and tones. Our two bunnies compliment each other so well with their inverse colors of ears! We love how warm and cozy these look and feel and can't wait to see your little bunnies hopping around, flopping their ears with all their might! <3

Gorgeously textured faux fur minky in Taupe with Amber minky ears - Fully lined in 100% yarn dyed cotton

Sizing runs true to age unless your little one is far above or below average for their age, in which case size up or down accordingly.

Each piece is handcrafted in Atlanta, Georgia. Slight variances occur, as patterning in the fur may vary.

Native fable is not responsible for lost or stolen packages.  We highly recommend purchasing Route + protection at checkout to cover your purchases in case of issues with your package in route to its destination.

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