Native Fable

Pumpkin Velvet Trapper '22


The most gorgeous shade of Pumpkin Velvet over luxury quality faux fur with tones of silver and brown. Please note that the Pumpkin color is a perfect match to our (discontinued) Pumpkin Elven Bonnets!

Handmade with love right here in Atlanta! Fur patterning will vary per hat. Please note: the second photo is an image of the velvet fabric straight from the manufacturer. Please use this image for exact color references. Due to lighting and color editing the modeled photos may vary in tone, while the manufacturer's photo is most accurate.

A note on fit:

Native Fable Trapper hats have a very flexible fit. Since the long fur is on the inside, there is more cushion (and warmth!) around the face. If you decide to size up, simply tie the ties under the chin so that the hat stays on well. Our size Youth and Adult are a very similar fit, the only difference being the length of the ear flaps. 

Native fable is not responsible for lost or stolen packages.  We highly recommend purchasing Route + protection at checkout to cover your purchases in case of issues with your package in route to its destination.

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