This story is my own, a journey of love and motherhood and chances. My work is a culmination of all that I know, pieces of each section of my life if you will.

Growing up in a large family, I was always the artistic one. I spent my time painting and drawing. I almost never fit in and I never once cared. After deciding to pursue a fine arts degree in drawing in my early twenties at the University of Florida, I found my tribe of artists and dreamers. Simultaneously I met the love of my life, Bryan, also a creative soul.

Drawings, 2012

Life took us to Atlanta with our two month old son.  After a failed attempt at finding happiness in the corporate world, I found myself reunited with my baby at home, content.  I was allowed to take part of my corporate work home, a sacrifice I happily made to have my little buddy at my side! I scheduled my meetings around his nap schedule and all was well.  Our daughter came as a surprise.

We bought a sewing machine off of craigslist for $50 while I was pregnant... I wanted to learn how to make something for her! Little did I know it would grow into such a big part of my life, making things for babies on my craigslist sewing machine ;)

Motherhood has always been something that has felt native to me.  When I was apart from my babies I wished I wasn't.  I instinctively want to be as much of a part of their lives as I possibly can.  As satisfying as their love is, I knew that my creativity needed an outlet.

My small shop began, and I surely had no idea what I was doing other than making! I once again found myself in a community of artists and dreamers.  To me, my hats and bonnets feel like drawings.  They're characters in stories; they are dreams and poems.  They're a bit different, but they tell my story.

The support from the handmade community has been tremendous, and this little shop is growing to be something much bigger.  When you purchase one of my pieces, know that you're supporting a family who is so very grateful.