Native Fable

2020 Lion Tail

$38 $58

2020 Lion Tails - an exact match to our 2020 Lion Bonnet but adorable with ALL of our lion bonnets! Enjoy this discounted price as our new 2021 Lion Tails are an exact match to this year's bonnets <3

Featuring a fluffy tip, soft stuffing throughout, and easy to attach suspender clip, your little one will be so excited to whip their new lion tail around!

Our Lion tail is approximately 16" in length not including the suspender clip. It can easily attach to any outfit by simply pinching the fabric or attaching to a waist band. The little ones in the photos are ages one and four for size reference. Our Lion tail is intended for all ages. Perfect for baby and big kids, and grown-ups alike! 

Native fable is not responsible for lost or stolen packages.  We highly recommend purchasing Route + protection at checkout to cover your purchases in case of issues with your package in route to its destination.

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